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The Greek bandit Fotios Giagoulas: An introduction to his mummified head and future conservation aims.

«Φως» στο αρχαίο DNA από νεοσύστατο εργαστήριο στην Κρήτη.

[...] Οι επιστήμονες του εργαστηρίου που θα συσταθεί και θα λειτουργήσει στο ΙΤΕ με τη στήριξη της περιφέρειας Κρήτης θα ρίξουν «φως» στην ανάδειξη της ιστορικής συνέχειας του πολιτισμού της Κρήτης, στην προέλευση, στην καταγωγή του πληθυσμού, αλλά και του φυσικού πλούτου και των καταβολών της κρητικής διατροφής. [...]

I would like to draw your attention to the international conference “Interdisciplinary Studies of Ancient Materials from the Mediterranean“, organised by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus between the 17th and the 19th of September 2014 (followed by an excursion on the 20th of September), in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The conference is organised in the framework of the multi-partner, European funded, Marie Curie ITN New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to ancient material studies (NARNIA), and it will host 57 paper presentations and 25 poster presentations by young researchers and experienced scholars from the Mediterranean, Europe and the United States.

The thematic sessions of the conference correspond to the work areas of the NARNIA project and include:

1. The interdisciplinary study of ancient ceramics

2. Ancient and historical glass production and trade

3. Copper metallurgy across the Mediterranean

4. Interdisciplinary assessments of architectural decoration (mosaics, wall-paintings, stone buildings)

5. Dating techniques and the palaeo-environment

6. pXRF application in Archaeology

You may find the full programme of the conference by visiting the following link. If you are interested in attending the conference, please complete and send the conference registration form by Wednesday, the 30th of July 2014. Details about registration and information about travelling to Cyprus can be found at http://narnia-itn.eu/highlights/narnia-international-conference-interdisciplinary-studies-of-ancient-materials-from-the-mediterranean/ We look forward to welcoming you in Nicosia, in September!

On behalf of the organising committee,

Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou


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